lundi 16 mai 2016

Interview with Dorothy Stowe

D=Dorothy Stowe

Y:Hello miss Stowe , thank you for spending your time for us and being here with us .

D: No problem, it s a pleasure to be here

Y: Tell me about your wish for protecting the world ?

D: My father always loved the nature and protected it during all his life . His last wish was that I would love the nature like he did and that I would preserve it more than he could. Thats why I founded Greenpeace because my father asked me for it .

Y: Did your organistion already changed big things in the world ?

D: I guess, a big part of the north pole has been preserved thanks to our sensibilisation campaigns and our supporters without whom we couldn't do anything. We also saved parts of the amazonian rainforest where Orang utans and koalas are living.

Y: Was Greenpeace the first environemental organisation in the world?

D: No, it wasn't. When we saw that other Organisations could change as much things in the world, we decided to found Greenpeace to preserve the world. but at the beginning, Greenpeace was named TheDontMakeAWaveCommittee.

Y: Why did you choose Greenpeace as the name of your organisation?

D: Because I wanted that there is more Green in the world, because Green is the color of nature and liberty. I also wanted that we had more peace on the world, so both words made Greenpeace, an environmental organisation for harmony with the nature.

Y: and do you think that world is going to change?

D: yes, there are so many natural organisations on the world that there is still a chance for stopping Governements and Factories that pollute the world.

Y: Thank you very much miss Stowe for spending your precious time to us. We learned so much about Greenpeace and you, let's hope that world is going to change.

D: You welcome, it was a pleasure.

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