samedi 23 janvier 2016

what is your favourite family celebration?

                             Well,our favourite family celebration is "Aid sghir" that means little Aid, that comes after Ramdan when families group and they get breakfast at once .Just before that , we all go to a mosque and we pray .After the breakfast we all change our clothes , and we get the new clothes that we just buy for this wonderfull day ,here comes my favourite part, is just when the old persons group together, the middle-age persons group ,and me one of the teenagers group together.

                         Now I'm going to speak about my special part in this celebration , so I'll tell you about my category "THE TEENAGERS ".Well me and my cousins take selfies after to dress and we post it in social medias.We currency to groups some of us go watch films and series and the rest of the group hear music and do other stuff...
Mmmm... my favourite part is when we all group , I mean all the family and eachone talk about the new thing that happen in his life.

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